Attention Waste Pro Customers:

Waste Pro will cease picking up trash from in-ground containers at the side of homes in 2023. Waste Pro will also require customers to provide their own containers for curbside pickup.

SWPOA has agreed to allow homeowners to place trash containers at the roadside the night before trash pickup. Containers once empted must be removed from curbside by the end of the pickup day.

(Placing your trash in plastic or paper bags at the curb is not allowed, your trash must be in a trash container. This will help prevent animals from getting into your trash and causing it to be spread across the community).

Currently there is no firm date for the implementation of this new process. Waste Pro has indicated customers will be notified via mail of changes and dates of when the changeover will take place.

We will update information if and when we are informed of these changes.

For more information call Waste Pro at 352-726-7440


Don't forget to sign up with Flash Trash for your trash removal. If 100 Southern Woods Property Owners sign up with flash trash they will offer the property owners a bulk rate of $60.00 per month.





















The Annual POA Meeting is scheduled for July 5th, 2023 at 3:00pm at the Citrus National Golf Club in the Club House (Formerly Southern Woods Golf Club.